Deaf Man Hears the Gospel

  • by Becky Hill
Photo by Ted Wilcox

Leiliane Rodrigues Lopes knocked politely, waiting for the man she could see to come to the door. When the man didn't answer, she rapped louder. She even called out, and pounded again, but he stayed inside.

She had met his wife, Dona Isabel, the day before at a JESUS film showing, and Isabel had invited her to come and talk about Jesus. But when Leiliane showed up, Isabel's husband wouldn't answer the door. Frustrated, Leiliane turned to leave.

Then Isabel rounded the corner with groceries. Seeing Leiliane, she explained that her husband, José, could only hear if someone shouted directly in his ear.

Later, while José stayed in another room, the women sat on the veranda and talked about Jesus. "God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life," Leiliane began in Portuguese, using a Four Spiritual Laws booklet.

Halfway through the presentation, José burst into the room and exclaimed, "Young lady, what wonderful things you are saying! From the moment you began to speak with my wife, I began to hear."

Amazed, Leiliane finished explaining the gospel, and the couple received Christ.