Response to Violence Encourages Communities in Need

Campus Crusade for Christ partners with local churches in Liberia following outbreak of violence

  • by Jim Chynoweth
Photo by James Ngenda

With the outbreak of violence in the West African nation of Liberia, Cru staff members and a network of local pastors quickly partnered in 2004 to help distribute food to 26,000 people in the capital city Monrovia during the heaviest fighting.

Even when most aid workers were airlifted from the region following rebel attacks, staff members stayed to continue showing Christ's love. "When we first began distributing, I saw no one else doing distribution, [but] we had a network of pastors from many denominations come together to pray," said Eddie Dunbar, Cru's National Director of Liberia. "These pastors have a heart for their communities and have joined us in distribution and care."

In September, another food distribution project began using the churches as feeding centers. Within 4 weeks, the ministry was able to serve more than 140,000 meals to those in need.

In addition to feeding hungry mouths, staff members continued to feed hungry hearts. In September 2004, 36 pastors from 13 churches completed Cru's New Life Training Center (NLTC) evangelistic and discipleship curriculum in their congregations and communities.

Additionally, the JESUS film was shown 9 times at the distribution sites to 10,940 people, with 1,756 indicating decisions to receive Christ.

The combination of serving meals and evangelism overwhelmed joyful pastors as hundreds of men and women flocked to churches that are now symbols of hope to their communities.