Youth Development

Since 1992, Cru® has offered a unique solution to churches and ministries that want to reach out to the children and teens in their neighborhoods.

Currently, our S.A.Y. (Save America's Youth) Yes! Centers for Youth Development® are ministering to more than 3,000 children & teens across the country.

S.A.Y. Yes! is a biblically-based program that takes place in an after-school setting. The goal is to give children a solid foundation from which they can build a successful future. Through the local church, each child is ministered to spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially (Luke 10:27).

As a church-operated program, a long-term commitment can be made to the children, and the entire family. Through ongoing life-giving relationships parents, guardians, siblings, and neighbors can all be enfolded into the local body of Christ.

More Information

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