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Florence of the Americas

This mission will be a great opportunity to connect with and befriend Ecuadorian high school students and communicate God’s love with them. While you are in the city of Quito, you will speak in school assemblies and various classrooms to get to know the students. In the evenings, you will host outreach parties for your new friends where you will have the chance to communicate the gospel. You will likely have a day of humanitarian aid activities with the under-privileged people in Quito. Your team will visit “Mitad del Mundo” or “Middle of the World”, where you will get to literally straddle the equator. Join us and allow God to stretch your faith as you minister to students and share the message of God’s love and forgiveness.

Dates: March 12th - 20th

Cost: TBD

  • Dates and cost are subject to change

Please review travel restrictions traveling to and from Ecuador