Application Instructions

Steps to Apply for a Cru High School Mission Trip

Thanks for your interest in Cru’s High School Ministry spring and summer mission trips! Every year God uses these experiences to change lives. We hope that you’ll encounter the Lord in a personal way as you complete this application, telling us about your strengths, areas to grow in, relationships and your heart. We trust that God will continue to lead you as you seek His face and His will.

Here’s a brief sketch of what you need to do to apply for your mission trip.

Complete your portion of the application. You will be asked to give us some personal information and basic information like your major in school, your ministry experiences, and even how you live out your moral convictions. We want to find out more about you and how God is leading you concerning your spring or summer.  Your application will automatically save every 30 seconds, every time you go to a new page, and when you hit the save button.

Provide three references. You will need to contact two people who are not related to you and a parent/guardian to give you a reference.  Once you give us their email address, an online reference form will be emailed to them to be completed on your behalf.  Be aware that sometimes these emails end up in their spam folder.  References needed:

1. A Peer of the Same Gender (a friend or roommate)

 2. A Spiritual Leader (preferably a Cru staff member, or a pastor, youth leader or other vocational Christian worker to do this for you) 

 3. A Parent/Guardian

Have parents/guardians read and sign the Parent Consent Packet. Once you submit your application for review your parent/guardian will receive an email from Cru’s Risk Management Department which will be the Parent Consent Packet. They will need to read and sign the document before your application can be reviewed. 

You may need to complete a background check.  Soon after submitting your application you may receive an email with instructions to complete a background check. Please email our office with any questions you may have concerning this process:

Pay the application Fee.  There is a $25 dollar application fee that must be paid before you can submit your application. You can pay with a credit/debit card or with an account transfer through a staff/ministry/scholarship account. For an account transfer, ask your local Cru staff member (or your parents if they are on staff with Cru) for that information.

When will I hear if I am accepted? In order for your application to be considered complete you need to have submitted your application, have paid the application fee,  all of your references have submitted their online forms, and your parent consent form has been submitted and received. Once applications are completed, they are sent to your specific missions team leader for review.  It may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. We will continue to accept applications as long as we have spots available.

What if I change my mind about the mission for which I want to apply? If you decide you want to switch your location preference, you may be required to fill out additional questions since not every mission has the same exact application. Simply return to the project listing and select a different mission to apply. Be aware of the timing in light of the deadlines.

Statement of Faith
Cru is an interdenominational ministry that holds to this Statement of Faith. Please email with any questions you have. Note: Your agreement with our statement of faith is not a condition of acceptance on a mission, but we do lead and teach from this understanding of Biblical truth.

Jesus’ peace be with you as you apply.  Wherever He takes you this spring or summer – on a mission or elsewhere – enjoy the adventure of following Him!