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Cru's Response to the Coronavirus


We are here to help middle school and high school students thrive in all areas of their lives, whether in school, with friends or in their relationship with God.

Encouraging Community

Secure, healthy friendships with peers are vital as teenagers grow in independence and maturity, but these don’t always happen naturally.

We work to create safe spaces where teenagers can be themselves and build a network of diverse friendships.

Personal Mentoring

Working in connection with parents, teachers and coaches, our staff and volunteers meet regularly with individual students to talk about life, making good choices, and their spiritual journey.

Opportunities to Lead

People learn by doing. We believe the best way for teenagers to grow in responsibility is to give them responsibility.

From leading after-school club times, to planning outreaches and service projects, we give teenagers the lead in safe situations where they can try, fail, and try again.

Experiencing the love of Jesus

When teenagers experience the love of Jesus and learn how to share that love through their words and actions, they discover hope and healing, and are empowered to change their schools, neighborhoods and world for the better.

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