THAILAND — Chiang Mai

This mission is open to both high school and college students. It begins in LA on June 25th with a kick-off conference and mission briefing. Your team will fly to Thailand from LAX on June 30th.

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia with a population of nearly 70 million people. It is known for its tropical beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins, and ornate temples. Chiang Mai is a city in the mountainous region of Thailand and is home to over 50 elephant sanctuaries. Although surrounded by mountains Chiang Mai has mostly a tropical climate.  It is also known as a shoppers paradise with traditional markets and modern shopping and cafes scattered throughout the city.

The Thai people are known for their quiet kindness and have 13 different smiles that communicate different things. Many Thai have a deep spiritual base and follow, with reverence, a form of Buddhism. They have very little exposure to, or understanding of, Christianity. Watch this video of a Thai student sharing his story.

This summer there will be many opportunities to share the Gospel as we befriend Thai teenagers through classroom speaking, sports camps and English friendship camps. We will have a lot of fun sharing what it’s like to be a high school student in America and learning about Thai culture. There will be time to follow up with new believers and come alongside in-country staff to help launch a high school ministry to Thai students. We will also be involved in humanitarian efforts like helping with housing repairs or visiting refugee camps.

Join us in Chiang Mai this summer for the adventure of a lifetime!

“He is not fool who gives what he can not keep to gain what he can not lose”  Jim Elliot


Conference Dates: June 25th – June 30th
Mission Dates: June 30th – July 22nd
Total Cost: $5,900

  • Dates and costs are subject to change.
  • This cost DOES include the price of the Getaway conference and international airfare but DOES NOT include the domestic airfare to and from the departure location.