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03.06.20 – 03.08.20


Cody Outdoor Center

9 Cody Road
Freedom, NH 03836

Boston & surrounding cities.
This one’s for you.


  • Read “Love Does” by Bob Goff and receive an additional $25 off cost! Ask a staff person about getting a free copy of “Love Does” book!


  • Full Session Access
  • All Meals Starting with Dinner Friday Night and ending with Lunch on Sunday 
  • Hotel Stay
  • Does not include transportation cost
    (See city information for transportation costs)



Kitty Kate and the Kittens

what to bring

  • Winter Clothes
  • Bible, Pen, Notebook
  • Toiletries
  • $20 for snacks/food on the road
  • Bedding (Sleeping bag, pillow)
  • Pajamas
  • A couple changes of comfy clothes

frequently asked Questions

Each year we have a different theme, but we always want to accomplish 3 goals.
1. Help students experience God’s love through Jesus Christ.
2. Give them an opportunity to build meaningful friendships with their peers.
3. Be encouraged and receive training to know how to lead and make a positive impact in their communities and the world.

Hearing great messages that will encourage their faith. Have meaningful discussions about what God is teaching them. Have an opportunity to take part in an optional outreach. Take time to reflect on what God might be doing in their hearts through prayer. Have a fun and exciting time through our “NO Talent Show”, night tubing and other fun activities. Build relationships with students on their campus or near their area and meet new friends from other parts of Boston. 

Yes. There will be several hours of free time on Saturday afternoon where the students can take part in organized activities, do homework and/or take part in an outreach. Specifically, there will be time from 1pm-5:30pm on Saturday.

Yes. Friday night to Sunday lunch.

We will be back no later than 4pm on Sunday, but might be back earlier. We will have your child text or call to let you know our ETA.

Students will room in dorm style suites. For the girls, usually there will be 4 to a suite with a bathroom separating the suite into two bedrooms. Most likely, the boys will be in bigger rooms with anywhere from 6-12 boys in a room, in bunkbeds. We do not allow one adult leader to stay in a room with students, we always practice the “Two-Deep” where at least 2 adults (all background checked) will always be with at least 2 students of the same sex.

Please let us know asap and we can let the camp know. You can also call them directly at: (603) 539-4997

Cru is an international, non-denominational Christian organization that seeks to create loving communities that connect people to Christ and each other. We are on several high school campuses in the greater Boston area and on many college campuses as well. To learn more about Cru, please see our national site:

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