Wall Street: A Prayer Ministry

Prayer requests, practical reminders and Scripture

  • by Katie Croft

There are many high-profile believers on Wall Street who need your prayers and support.

Dave Cook, a part-time Priority Associates staff member with Cru, meets with many in the Wall Street community each week.

Several have lost their jobs. Yet there's a group of 12 Christian men who meet twice a month for Bible study and authentic conversation about life, work and faith on Wall Street.

Although the nightly news, financial reports and economists give very little sense of hope or resolution to our current economic downfall, Dave's friends asked for him, and us, to pray.

How You Can Pray

  1. Pray for God to provide a miracle. The financial markets have never experienced a credit crisis like this.
  2. Pray for discernment for Christians on Wall Street as they make decisions for their clients.
  3. Pray for Godly wisdom to know how to help solve our world's complex financial issues.
  4. Pray for those who have lost their jobs on Wall Street in the past 6 months, and are now looking for new ways to provide for their families.
  5. Pray for revival to begin in our financial institutions. Pray that it would radiate out from Wall Street to the city of New York and to the world.
  6. Pray for Priority Associates staff members and volunteers as they seek out strategic and proactive ways to make inroads for the gospel to business men and women.

Practical Reminders

Please take time over the next few weeks to pray for Priority Associates. Consider designating a reminder that will lead you to pray. Here are a few ideas:

  • Every time you scrawl your signature on a credit card slip or personal check, pause to pray.
  • As you watch the evening news, pray for the men and women whose faces you see on the screen.
  • Tape a dollar bill to your bathroom mirror or car dashboard. Let this remind you to apply the statement, "In God We Trust."

Scripture for Perspective and Hope

Historic Response to Financial Turmoil

We have the privilege of coming alongside of our brothers and sisters to join them in ministry through our prayers. 

Spiritually speaking there is a great opportunity upon us. Tim Keller, a pastor in New York City, says that historically far more people come to Christ in times of financial turmoil.

Let us be hopeful, prayerful and expectant that God will use this complicated and intricate situation for His glory and fame.