Ministry Toolkit

Provided by Cru

These simple steps will help you engage in the mission wherever you are.

During this unparalleled season we have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to be his ambassadors. We  don’t have to be physically next to someone to connect. In a world consumed by anxiety and fear, people need to experience the presence of Jesus now more than ever. Be creative in trying new ways to make connections using email, text, and social media. Reach out, listen to stories, serve, offer to pray . . . reflect the person of Jesus.

  • Time of crisis provides unique opportunities to lean into spiritual conversations. This short video and this resource  will give you simple tools to connect with others.
  • Cru commissioned research to better understand our audience and what we found may surprise you! Starthere to discover what we learned and how it may change your conversations with neighbors, co-workers, and friends.
  • Share resources with your friends who don’t know Jesus from Invite others to do so, as well!
  • Looking for ways to love your neighbors? Visit
  • Walking in the power of the Holy Spirit is essential for the Christian life but even more so in times of stress and crisis. Learn more here.
  • Share your micro testimony in a simple way with your family as you’re hanging out at home with them or with friends as you connect online.
  • Become a virtual mentor. The Mentor Center gives you an easy, safe and anonymous way to learn how to journey with hurting people and to share the gospel as the Holy Spirit leads.

Inherent in the word “together” is the word “with.” In this season of pandemic it is easy to become isolated and for others to feel a keen sense of isolation. The tools below remind us that we have the privilege to participate “with” God in his grand story–and we do so through the power of the Holy Spirit. We also have the privilege to journey “with” others–other Christ followers who can join us in serving–and “with” those who have not yet come to know Jesus.

This is an unprecedented time to serve our cities–to journey with those who are vulnerable because of job loss, health issues, the need of basic necessities, the overwhelming anxiety of new realities, or the very real need of deeper spiritual connection. The tools below can aid you in taking action and making a difference.

  • In the current racial tension of our cities, God continues to call us to be His light and presence. Rasool Berry in his podcast, “Where Ya From?” Talks with Pastor Daniel Hill about his awakening into this reality. 
  • As we seek to build bridges, listen to Asian American leaders share how to love our Asian American communites well.
  • Are you a recent college graduate? Connect with opportunities in your city! 
  • Use online spaces to make connections with your neighbors. Facebook, Nextdoor Neighbor, and Instagram are great places to pose a question for engagement, see how you can assist neighbors with groceries, and offer prayer for those in need.
  • Go on a Virtual Prayer Walk using Google Earth to walk the streets of your neighborhood or another part of the world, right from your device. Prayer is the first step to revival. Prayer is the first step to revival.
  • More opportunities coming soon!

Below is a message of hope from Greg Lillestrand, the Vice President of the City Division of Cru.

Are you reflecting Jesus for the good of the city?

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