Hope After Heartbreak

Janie begins relationship with Christ after hearing Lance Armstrong's ex.

  • by Katie Croft
Photo Courtesy Under the Sun Photography

Janie listened intently from a table near the front of the Hyatt Regency hotel ballroom in Austin, Texas.

The event, hosted by Priority Associates, Cru's outreach to business professionals, featured Kristen Armstrong (2nd from right), the former wife of competitive cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Kristen's talk, titled "Happily Ever After...When the Fairy Tale Ends," struck a chord with many of the 157 businesswomen in attendance.

"She shared authentically about how to move from disappointment to forgiveness," says Teresa Snow, a Cru staff member with PA, "and how she went from religious practices to a loving relationship with God."

The message of hope in the midst of disappointment resonated with Jamie, who is working through her own heartbreak -- a strained relationship with one of her 2 adult children.

The spiritual content of Kristen's story has stirred a few questions in Janie's heart about a personal relationship with God.

A second speaker, a local businesswoman who volunteers with PA in Austin, told her own story of coming to faith in the midst of difficulty.

Janie was primed to learn more: "I've always attended church, but didn't have a relationship with God. That is what I saw in Kristen and the other speaker. I wanted that relationship with God."

At the end of the night, Janie was among 40 percent of the attendees who indicated interest in talking with a PA staff member about spiritual things.

Teresa met Janie a few days later at an Applebee's restaurant where Janie prayed and began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The two women began meeting weekly for lunch and Bible study.