Give Me a Sign.

God Uses the Little Things to Make Him Known with Cru's city ministry.

  • by Jess Fong

Sometimes it really is the little things. City, the Cru ministry that reaches out to people in the workplace, often meets in restaurants, over coffee or at a person’s office. But the Priority Associates team in Austin, Texas has a different story: people keep coming to them.

6 years ago, the Priority Associates team finished the lease in their office space, and assumed they would renew the contract. It was not an ideal space or location, but they hoped for a better deal because of the economy. Then Harry Scott, a broker and good friend of the ministry, had another idea. “They are ministering to business professionals. They had to be relevant. We could take advantage of the low market, have lobby exposure, better parking, and a place for meeting,” he says.

So Harry found the team a first-floor office just off a main thoroughfare. There are three floors, and a big “Priority Associates” sign behind the front desk.

“You have one chance to make a first impression,” said Harry. “Part of a lobby is having a decent-looking, attractive sign. I’m not trying to discount the power of the Holy Spirit, but it would be wasteful to not take advantage of this.”

Now, if those lobby walls could talk, they would have a long list of stories. The two administrative assistants, Sande or Paula, have committed to silently pray for everyone who walks through the front door of the building. There’s the stories of the man in the office next door who first didn’t like the team, but is now grateful to receive prayer, and of Ryan, one of Harry’s coworkers, newly married and astounded that five Priority Associates team members gathered to pray for him one day.

Most recently, there’s the story of Patty.

Patty looked past the glass doors and saw the “Priority Associates” sign. Knowing nothing about the organization, but interested, she left her information at the front desk, and Priority Associates staff member Teresa Snow took the message. “I had the sense that God was in this,” says Teresa. She called Patty that night, and over the phone, Patty started telling Teresa her life story.

Teresa and another Cru volunteer, Sandy, invited Patty to the office later that week. “Patty brought in a picture of her daughter and her grandson. There was this stranger we had never met before, and suddenly we were friends,” says Teresa. Patty told them about some broken relationships, and shared openly about other challenges. Life is complicated apart from Christ, thought Teresa.

As the conversation continued, Sandy and Teresa asked Patty to consider another relationship, with Jesus. Patty responded immediately, and indicated a decision for Christ, as well as the desire to follow-up with more Bible study.

A year and a half ago the Cru team in Austin renewed their building lease. They’ve been almost 6 years in that office space, 6 years of people reading their sign and wandering in, as God keeps bringing people in, and drawing them closer to Himself.