Cru Winter Conference Indianapolis

Dec 28 – Jan 1, 2018 /// J.W. Marriott Downtown Indianapolis


(date registered by – cost)

  • 10/29 – $249
  • 12/7 – $289
  • Day before event – $319
  • Day of event – $319

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Special Guests:


Jake Abraham /// Cru staff, Leader /// Washington DC

A self-proclaimed cultural mutt, Jake was born in India, raised in the Philippines and has served with Cru in India, Australia, and the US. He is currently one of the executive directors of the City ministry of Cru with a passion to see God and the Gospel bring people together. Jake, his wife Julie and four children serve in Washington DC.


Candice Siewert /// Cru staff, World traveler /// Minneapolis, MN

Candice serves with Cru as the Global Missions National Director of Partnering.  She’s brought the Gospel to over 40 countries and loves to encourage other missionaries to persevere and remain faithful to God's calling.

She stays young with her witty sense of humor and deep passion to see others come to know the Lord. Through her years of travel, she’s mastered the universal language of gestures.


James White