Cru Winter Conference FAQ

Are Cru Winter Conferences one conference simulcast to other locations?
No, all conferences are live at the locations listed on our homepage.

What can I expect at a Cru Winter Conference?
Though each conference is a separate event, they share similar elements, such as worship with a full band, training and Bible study with some of the foremost Bible teachers and speakers in the nation, connection time with others from your area and time to explore and connect with God. All conferences also offer evangelism training and set aside an afternoon for community outreach.

How does housing work?
Lodging in a convention hotel is included in the cost of all conferences. Each conference has a slightly different housing process, but you are guaranteed housing if you indicate you need it during online registration and pay the required deposit. The majority of conferences offer a commuter option. Check your local page for more details on this.

I’m unsure about Jesus and Christianity. Is CruWC a good place for me?
CruWC is a safe place to explore your faith, whatever your spiritual background may be. You will learn the basics of Christianity and can attend numerous seminars on topics like how to study the Bible, why God is the only way to heaven and who the Holy Spirit is.

Where do I sign up?
Visit our homepage to find your winter conference – registration pages are linked there.

How do I get my friends to come?
Your personal invitation is powerful. Think through what you appreciate most about Cru Winter Conference and what about it has impacted you most. Tell them your story. Invite them to attend with you, offer them a ride, invite them to room with you. Show them promo videos, photo albums and social media from past conferences. Some conferences have discounts and other financial incentives available, which can be helpful if someone is undecided. Check your regional conference site for more information.

For Those Who Have Attended a Previous Winter Conference

Why are you changing the name?

Nine high-quality events occur around the country at roughly the same time, all sponsored by Cru. They differ very little programmatically and attract the same audience. Calling them similar names and collaborating on branding items like web design, social media and overall branding makes sense and creates a deep sense of unity among them. It also gives greater access to those unfamiliar with Cru and gives the events increased online and social media presence.

What’s changed?
Conference names and the way some things look: logo, promo materials, social media handles, Facebook pages.

What hasn’t changed?
Lots. Your conference is still held regionally and designed by your local staff members. The conference focus on spiritual growth and evangelism training. The Day of Outreach (Faith). Your friends will still be there and so will many other students who only found out about CruWC because of our new name and broader scope.

Our region had a really cool theme for a long time. What happened to it?
Names like RADIATE, TCX, Encounter and others like them are being set aside, though the events remain. These conference names have a large amount of brand equity locally, but are not as meaningful for those outside of Cru or those outside of the region in which they occur.