Dec 29 – Jan 2, 2018
Hyatt Regency Denver

Regular Price: $269

Valid through Dec 28th.
Requires $50 deposit

Walk In: $299

Valid Dec 29th.

Deposit is non-refundable & non-transferable.

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Special Guests:


Jackie Hill-Perry is a writer, speaker, and artist whose work has been featured in the Washington Times, The 700 Club, Desiring God, the Gospel Coalition, and other publications.

Since being saved from a lifestyle of homosexuality, Jackie has been compelled to share the light of gospel truth through poems that have reached more than 1 million views on YouTube.

She is an emerging voice on topics impacting culture, and is signed to Humble Beast Records and released her debut album The Art of Joy in 2014. At home, she is known as wife to Preston and Mommy to Eden.


Dan Allan has served on staff with Cru since 1990. He holds a bachelor's in accountancy from the University of Missouri and a MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Dan began with a STINT in Bucharest, Romania just months after the Iron Curtain fell. Upon his return, Dan served at the University of Missouri, then in the St. Louis area before moving to California. Currently, Dan is the Executive Director for Mission Expansion in the campus ministry.  

Dan and his wife, Holly, have a daughter who just graduated from college and a son who just started college – and a "forever toddler" dog who thinks that she is a daughter.


From the same soil that grew Jim Morrison, Tony Hawk, NWA, Snoop, and Kendrick Lamar, grows another L.A. native: Propaganda.  

He’s a poet, political activist, husband, father, academic, and emcee. With L.A. flowing through his veins and armed with a bold message, Propaganda has assembled a body of work that challenges his listeners with every verse and reaches across the spectrum of pop culture.

From aggressive battle raps to smooth introspective rhythms, Propaganda’s music will cause you to nod your head, but more importantly, it will stretch your mind and heart.