Cru at University of Northern Colorado

A Community of Students at UNC Passionate about Following Jesus.

Everyone is on a spiritual journey. NocoCru is a Christian community of students who would love to help you on that journey through weekly gatherings, Bible studies, and authentic relationships.  It will look different this year, but we still want to get connected!  

Fill out the 2020 survey to get involved. (BONUS: your completed survey enters you for a chance to win one of two $100 visa gift cards to get you settled in to campus right this year!)

Also, follow us on instagram (@nococru) to get updates on events.  First years, we have a move-in scavenger hunt going live this afternoon so check out our insta for more info.

Bear safety means something different at UNC in 2020.  To keep all students, faculty, staff, and their families safe, Cru will require social distancing and masks at all events.  We will update throughout the year in accordance with COVID-19 policies and recommendations of UNC and local health officials.  Your health, well-being, and safety at our gatherings on campus continues to be one of our highest priorities. 

Please follow us on instagram (@nococru) for up to date announcements and changes.

Just Arriving to Campus?

This year is weird.  Here’s our freshmen and first-year survival checklist:

1. Connect with other students.  College life needs connection.  Get to know your roommates and orientation group.  Go to the University Involvement Fair Aug 22-23 and get info on the clubs on campus.  Fill out our 2020 survey as a way to get connected with us (and enter to win some money for living your best campus life.  It’s a win-win.)

2. Get to know Greeley.  Like all other places, Greeley has small businesses that have been hit hard by COVID restrictions and yet love students and want to serve you.  Campus also has some places you’ll want to know about!  Don’t have a car?  No problem!  Join our first-year move-in walking scavenger hunt (details on our instagram @nococru).  (One group of four that finds all the spots will win $100 to, again, life your best life this year.)  **Note: This contest is open to only dorm-dwelling students and you must comply with all university COVID guidelines to win.

3. Find a church.  We know it can be hard to leave the church you grew up in and your youth group friends.  Let us know if your survey if you’d like to have a Cru student help you find a church.  Click here for a list of some communities we are a part of.

We want to help each person take their next step toward Jesus

  • Connect to a mentor who can help you grow closer to God.
  • Discover your next steps: find your purpose and how you can live out God’s plan for you––on your campus and around the world.
  • Grow alongside others through opportunities like Bible studies and finding a local church

Where are you on your journey?

We are all on a journey. We all want to grow and live a full life, but sense a gap between what we think life should be and our actual experience.

This is where Jesus makes the difference. He brings purpose, meaning and direction to our journey.

Cru is a community of imperfect people from all walks of life who follow Jesus together. Our goal is to journey with you as you take your next step toward Jesus. Whether you are beginning to explore who Jesus is, or want to discover his purpose for your life, we will join you wherever you are.

Right now, Cru is helping people all over the world on high school and college campuses to connect with a mentor, discover their purpose and live that out in community.

Through Cru, you can find your purpose by connecting with others and connecting with Jesus.

Get Connected

Connect with Cru at UNC! If you are a current student, take our move-in survey here.

For all other inquiries, please fill out the info below and we will get back to you!  (Please note, current students should fill out the 2020 Survey instead of this form.)

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