Summer Internship Opportunities

If you’re an underclassman, we are glad you are here. Although Preview Weekend is geared towards upperclassmen (and we hope you’ll join us there in the future!), we’d love for you to check out some of our professional skills summer missions now.

Headquaters Summer Mission (Virtual & In-Person)

The Headquarters Summer Internship allows you to maximize your summer by combining a professional summer internship with the best of Cru’s stateside summer mission. Hosted in Orlando, FL, “The City Beautiful” at the international headquarters of Cru from June to July, participants will go deep in discipleship, stretch their faith in evangelism, and enjoy rich community while developing professional skills in a workplace environment.

In addition to a traditional stateside experience, one special feature of this summer mission is that it accelerates Cru’s Great Commission vision. The work you complete will impact students from around the United States heading into the 2024-2025 school year. Summer interns will be placed on teams to utilize skills in Communications, Graphic Design, Film/Video, Finance/Accounting, Conferences/Events, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Programming, or other ministry areas.

With literally hundreds of possible roles, there are options for using your skills in a professional setting surrounded by experienced quality staff who will provide mentoring and oversight specifically to help you hone your skills while offering you the opportunity to have a significant eternal impact in this world.

Global Ops Summer Mission

Take this summer to find out how God can use your skills and talents as a part of the global ministry of Cru. Grow professionally and spiritually as you use your professional skills to help make disciples of all nations by serving 20,000 missionaries around the world.

Contact for more information.

Legal Internship


You are going to law school because you want to make a difference in your world. You want your life to count. Perhaps you have wondered how, as a lawyer and a Christian, you can make an impact in society. Consider an internship with Cru and find a place where you can leverage your law training to make an eternal and global difference.

Joining with us for a summer will acquaint you with the tremendous array of issues that affect one of the world’s largest mission organizations. It will also garner you real-life experience in a variety of law disciplines. You will have opportunities to develop professionally and spiritually as you learn alongside peers and seasoned lawyers. This internship will change how you want the Lord to use you in the years to come.

Healthcare Student Mission / Whole Person Care Preceptorship

Think big.   Many Christian healthcare students long to integrate their faith into their professional practice. National studies indicate that 60%-70% of patients want their healthcare provider to address their spiritual needs. Yet most professionals and students do not know how to do this.  This summer could change that for you.

If you are planning a career in healthcare, this mission will prepare you with professional training and clinical experience.  You will be equipped for a lifetime of ministry through your patient care. 

Think long term.  Spend five weeks this summer that will have lifelong payback.  You’ll begin by participating in a professional METS Whole Person Care Conference. Experienced Christian healthcare professionals will train you to care for the whole person – body, mind, and soul – in an ethical, caring, sensitive, and non-coercive manner.

Perhaps now is the time to begin thinking about how you can best serve God over the next 40 years.  Might this summer be the summer to professionally prepare for a lifelong impact for Christ?  

Hands-On Training

In numerous healthcare settings, you’ll apply what you’ve learned by offering the life-changing hope of Jesus Christ. Care for the under-served and marginalized from the inner-city. Participate in the care of patients with AIDS. Connect with patients in a major university medical center.  You will develop life-long friendships while making an eternal difference in someone else’s life.

Think professionally. Daily, you’ll have direct patient care experiences in outpatient and hospital settings. Shadow Christian providers as they meet the physical and spiritual needs of patients.

In the evenings, you’ll be involved in intensive Bible study and discipleship groups, led by Christian healthcare professionals. Spiritual leadership development will prepare you to return to your campus and impact your Christian friends and reach your classmates for Christ. Participate in discussions on bioethical issues facing healthcare professionals and students. Plus, have a personal spiritual mentor to walk with you through the summer.

Think lifetime. You’ll grow in your own personal walk with God. Live in community with other Christian health students. Be stretched and challenged. As you trust God in new ways, you’ll gain professional, ministry, and leadership skills so that the rest of your life as a healthcare professional can be spent serving the Master physician. Learn to better be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus for your patients and others.

X Project - Athletes in Action

In addition to 30-35 hours on the job per week (280 total hours minimum), you come together with interns from other departments for personal and professional development, training in evangelism and leadership, Bible study and discipleship. Most interns also serve as staff for an athletic youth camp. Part way through the summer, interns will take responsibility for all aspects of X Project beyond the professional development.

During non-office hours , you’ll experience authentic community through meals, and both evangelistic and social outings.

FamilyLife Headquarters Summer Internship

Do you have a desire to use your passions, burdens, and marketplace skills to advance the Gospel? If so, consider joining us at FamilyLife for a short-term summer mission and use your talents and abilities to develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.

Educators Summer Mission

If you see yourself gaining employment in a school building: this mission is for you! This summer mission in Indianapolis, Indiana is designed to help you learn how to use your future position as a teacher to impact students for Christ. You will get to:

  • Experience firsthand the High School and Middle School Ministry of Cru.
  • Learn what is possible, what is legal, and what is realistic for ministry as a teacher.
  • Experience interaction opportunities with seasoned educators who live for Christ in the classroom every day.
  • Engage with students in evangelism and discipleship (elementary, middle, and high school students).

Together, by God’s grace, we will launch campus movements at local public schools.