Preview Weekend

Operations in Cru

With tens of thousands of missionaries seeking to win people to Christ, build them up in their faith, and send them to do the same (all in the power of the Holy Spirit), Cru is uniquely positioned to develop entry-level personnel professionally and spiritually as they work on projects designed to send the gospel to the nations.

Preview Weekend is designed for college upperclassmen and recent graduates interested in using their professional skills in ministry. 

Investigate some of our ministries, locations, and opportunities on this website. 

What does it look like?

Watch this video below to spend a day in the life of Cru Finance staff, Valerie Berlin, for an example of what operations looks like in ministry!

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Cru's Office Internship
Preview Weekend 2024

Join other applicants and Cru staff  to learn more about internship opportunities. During this time, you’ll be introduced to several of the Cru ministries and learn more about available intern positions.  We look forward to seeing where God may be calling you to use your skills and talents!  Please note, acceptance to Preview Weekend is not an acceptance to Intern with Cru. There’s a separate application to intern with Cru. 

Journey to Preview Weekend

Starting Point – Explore opportunities within your area(s) of interest on this site. 

Apply to Preview Weekend! You can find the link below that will lead you to the questionnaire. Please note, applying to Preview Weekend is separate from applying for an internship.

After applying to Preview Weekend

  • Write down the dates for Preview Weekend (February 8th-11th). If you are traveling from the west coast, northwest, & upper mid-west, we’ll bring you in on Wednesday, February 7th.
  • Our team will review your questionnaire and schedule a quick meeting with you.

February 2024 – Preview Weekend!

  • Together with small groups of attendees and supervisors, work on current projects or problems to experience the type of work you could do with us
  • Learn how we will resource you to develop ministry partners (raise support) and ask questions to those who have walked that path before you
  • Hear from organizational and spiritual leadership
  • Be placed in a group led by a current intern who will guide you through the weekend.
  • Interview with team leaders and supervisors who are working in your area of interest.

Post-Preview Weekend

March 1 – If you decide to intern, applications are due! (This includes references!) You can apply below!

April – Cru Orientation Weekend (get assignment and Ministry Partner Development (MPD) training)

Summer – Ministry Partner Development

August 1 – MPD Deadline (for 95% of our internships)