Summer Connect

Individual Registration Options

Join A Hub (Free)

Join a gathering of students where you live this summer OR connect online for free through the Hub location closest to you.

If the campus where you go to school is a Hub location, you get free access, even if you are not at that location this summer.

Register as Individual ($25)

Join online on your own.

Hub Registration Options

Create a Hub ($150)

Gain access for one specific gathering within your scope of ministry.

Create a Hub PLUS ($200)

Gain access for ALL gatherings and ALL individual students within your scope of ministry.


Summer Connect is an 8-week summer Cru experience you can be a part of wherever you are, featuring inspiring content, fun community, and an eternal cause. Join a Summer Connect Hub, or participate by yourself and with a few friends. No matter where you are this summer, you can make your summer count for eternity with Summer Connect.

How it works

How it works

From June 8 to July 27, join us every Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. EDT for Summer Connect Live, an online weekly meeting. We’ve got a terrific lineup of speakers to offer you the encouragement you need to walk with God and make an eternal impact this summer. You will also have an opportunity to be in a small group this summer, and we promise to throw in lots of fun surprises like giveaways, contests, and special events to make it worth your time.

Need more details? See our FAQ page.


How to participate

If you can connect to the Internet, you can be a part of Summer Connect! You can join with others at a Summer Connect Hub location, gather a group of friends in your town, or participate all by yourself. Check the Hub Location map to see if there is a Summer Connect Hub Location near you, and if there is, register to be a part of that Hub. There is no cost to join a Hub Location. If there’s not a Hub near you, don’t worry! For only $25 you can register as an individual participant and you’ll have access to everything Summer Connect has to offer. We’ll even let you gather a few friends to be a part of Summer Connect with you.

Summer Connect Hub Locations

Students: If you have Cru staff on your campus and you don't see your location, ask your Cru staff to sign on as a Hub PLUS location (which would give you free access wherever you are this summer).

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