Past Summers

“Yellowstone Summer Mission is unlike anything you will ever experience. Each day is a challenge, but it was always worth it because God seems to thrive through people we minister to in the park. I have experienced God in a more intense and real way than I ever have or ever could have imagined. My relationship and understanding of Him are forever changed through my time on Summer Project. God lit my heart on fire in Yellowstone.“

“The idea of giving up a summer at home with my friends and going to Yellowstone was a huge step of faith for me. I never thought I’d seriously consider going on a summer project. But during my senior year, I felt the Lord calling me to leave all that was ordinary and seek to grow stronger in Him. After much thought and prayer, I decided to spend 11 weeks in Yellowstone and I was very happy that I did. The Lord brought my relationship with Him to another level in Yellowstone. He taught me so much through the people I met and the beauty of the park. My faith in the Lord was strengthened in a way that I could not have imagined before the summer began. I wouldn’t trade the Yellowstone experience for the world and I can’t believe I almost passed up the opportunity.”

“Going YSM was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I met amazing people from all over the world. A few project members and I led a Bible Study with our Singaporean coworkers after work each day. It was amazing to see their faces light up with understanding as we clarified their questions about the Bible. To them, the gospel was too good to be true. The idea that we as humans could actually talk to God and He would care to listen was unbelievable. Enjoying the beauty of God’s creation while sharing Him with the friends that I made on Project was an unforgettable experience. It changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone who loves God and is passionate about His kingdom.”