Charlotte Marchant

Campus Director

Charlotte is from Marietta, Georgia and attended Kennesaw State University. She wanted to join staff because of the impact Cru had on her own life. Everyone knows college is meant to be the best four years of your life, but Charlotte knows how difficult it can really be. She has a passionate desire to come alongside students as they figure out life and faith in college, despite the ups and downs. Her idea of a perfect day is a quiet morning, time spent reading at the beach, and then dinner and a movie with good friends. Her favorite things to do around Tallahassee are drinking coffee at Lucky Goat, roaming around a bookstore, and eating good local food.

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Rick Kingsley

Campus Director

Rick is from Orlando and attended the University of Florida. He joined staff to see the Great Commission fulfilled. Rick believes the most effective way to reach the world of tomorrow for the Gospel is to reach the campus today. His perfect day would involve getting out of the house early for a run, going fishing at St. Marks, or calling in a gobbler in the woods. Then, he loves going home to recharge with a strong coffee and/or nap before spending the afternoon and evening with friends and family. His favorite thing to do in Tallahassee is dinner with his lovely wife Tina at Backwoods Crossing.

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Tina Kinglsey

Senior Staff

Tina is from Daphne, Alabama and attended the University of Alabama. She joined staff because it made such an impact on her life as a student. Cru helped Tina make the decision to walk with God and gave her the tools to do it for a lifetime. Her perfect day would be spending time with her family, baking (Tina is our head baker), playing cards with friends, and eating good food. Her favorite thing to do in Tallahassee is eating at Tazikis or Backwoods Crossing.

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Chris Schrum

Campus Staff

Chris is from Jacksonville, Florida, and he attended the University of Florida. He joined staff because Cru is an organization that is bringing the gospel to all parts of the world and helping the global church grow in evangelism and discipleship. Chris's perfect day is going climbing and playing board games with his wonderful wife Becca. His favorite things to do in Tallahassee are studying the Bible with students, climbing at the rock gym, and playing games at his favorite local gaming store.

Becca Schrum

Campus Staff

Becca is from Mammoth Lakes, California and attended the University of California, Los Angeles. She joined staff because Cru is a place where she can love God, live on mission, and help others to do the same. Becca's perfect day would be a slow morning with Jesus, being with friends, and eating her favorite food, ice cream. Her favorite thing to do in Tallahassee is climbing at the rock gym.

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Daniel Vincent

Campus Staff

Daniel is from Tampa, Florida, and he attended Florida State University. He joined staff because as a student here, he learned and grew a lot through his involvement with Cru. During his summer mission, Daniel felt called to pursue ministry after graduation. The Great Commission has inspired him to share his faith and pour his life into others, and he sees this as a great blessing. His perfect day involves getting good food, playing his guitar loud enough to annoy the neighbors, spending time outdoors with friends, and watching a really good movie. His favorite thing to do in Tallahassee is hiking at Tom Brown.

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Hanah Taylor

Part-Time Field Staff

Hanah is from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and she attended Florida State University. She joined staff because of her passion for vocational ministry. Even in college, she knew that no job would satisfy her as much as this one. Hanah's perfect day would be spent at Grayton Beach with her friends, family, and dog eating fruit and chicken tender pub subs. They would grab coffee and walk around the market before returning to the beach for a sunset game of tag (which she would obviously win). Her favorite thing to do in Tallahassee is going to a local coffee shop with friends and exploring around Lake Ella.

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Courtney Beale

Cru Intern

Courtney is from Tampa, Florida, and she attended the University of South Florida. She knew she wanted to join staff when she was still in college because of her passion for sharing the Gospel and helping develop young people. Cru had a huge impact on her life because it is a faith based organization she knew she could trust. Courtney's perfect day would start with a slow morning cuddling her dog and listening to a good book in bed. Then she could spend the rest of the day outside with friends having meaningful conversations, laughing, and playing spike ball or volleyball. Her favorite thing to do in Tallahassee is explore nature.

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