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Much of this summer will consist of learning and experimentation. For the first time, Campus Ministry is pioneering a new summer mission and you get to be part of winning, building, and sending multiplying disciples in a digital space!

We don’t expect you to be digital strategy experts! We’ve seen the ways you have quickly adapted to virtual campus ministry throughout the spring semester. 

You are not the church of future; you are the church today! YOU will be the catalysts to help us uncover new ways to reach freshmen and share Jesus through social media.  The key will be to trust and know that we can experience deep community through screens, with God. This summer, you’ll learn how to continue to experience life – changing discipleship and evangelism in ways we hadn’t considered before.

Scroll down to bottom of page to see a sample student schedule…

Let's Take Our Next Step of Faith Together!

Summer isn’t canceled. Neither is the mission. The mission that God has called us to has not changed... In fact, our hearts may feel a deeper urgency now, more than ever before, to make Jesus known. On a traditional stateside mission, your team shares their faith, goes through the Bible together, trains together, and experiences deep community through vulnerability and shared experiences. On this summer mission, we want to create similar experiences, in new ways, as you engage across the country digitally.

Our Summer Focus:

The summer will be marked by 3 overarching components:
1.Experiencing God’s Power
2. Following God’s Lead
3. Embracing God’s Mission
***All of this will be done in the context of community. You will be placed in a peer-to-peer discipleship group, in which you will live out the above components.

Cru Summer Digital Missions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are 3 of the most recently asked questions: Q: What will this cost students? Q: Are scholarships available? Q: What is the time commitment? ***Want more details...Click the FAQ button below for the Complete FAQ Document

Basic Student Schedule

Orange indicates set times when you will engage, ‘live,’ as a whole summer mission.

White indicates freedom to participate at different times during the day. For example, one student may prefer to spend extended time with Jesus in the morning on Tuesday, while another may prefer to spend it in the evening.