3 Ways to Shine a Light on Slavery

Around the world, 27 million people are enslaved in one form or another (source: Free the Slaves). The total annual market value of human trafficking is $32 billion. It is tied with the illegal arms industry as the second largest criminal industry in the world (behind drug trafficking) and is the fastest growing.

As believers, we’re called to lead in fighting this battle to end human trafficking. Here’s 3 ways you can join the fight.

  1. Join the End It Movement on Thursday, February 25.

    END IT
     is a coalition of organizations fighting for freedom around the world. Partners with End It are working everyday to   bring awareness, prevention, rescue and restoration. You can join with them in creating awareness by drawing a red “X” on your hand and posting it on social media. You can also pledge your support, contact your political leaders and donate to the 2016 projects led by their partners.  

    “Awareness alone cannot end slavery, but without awareness, slavery will never end.” - End It Movement

  2. Donate “Magdalena” DVDs to Fight Human Trafficking 

    Many women, especially those who have been abused and exploited, have yet to hear of the liberating love of Jesus. But you can help set them free.

    “Magdalena” is the true story of Jesus seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene—a story of tenderness, freedom and purpose. This film demonstrates Jesus’ gentleness and care for women that defied the cultural norms of the ancient world, and continues to inspire and encourage women today.

    During the month of February, you can bring a message of healing and hope to human trafficking victims and survivors by donating "Magdalena: Through Her Eyes" 1-hour-edition DVDs, specially priced at just $2 each through February.

    Donate “Magdalena” DVDs
    and bring the love of Jesus to human trafficking victims and survivors. Your donated DVDs will be given to hand-picked prevention and restoration ministries leading the fight against human trafficking.

  3. Join Cru’s Justice Team on Summer Mission.

    Are you a college student with a passion for justice and humanitarian work? Consider joining Cru’s Justice Team this summer in Cambodia and Thailand. Through this experience, you will learn how to share you faith in the context of justice.

    The goal is to give you a first hand look into anti-human trafficking work, gain a deeper understanding of Biblical justice and learn how to communicate and share that with your peers on your home campuses.

    Apply Now

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