Athletes in Action - Liberia

  • by Becky Thomton
Photo by George Blamoh

When George Blamoh moved back to Liberia, he didn’t know if he’d ever play soccer again. He only knew to trust God. He was an excellent goalie, playing for Liberian clubs before being recruited to neighboring Sierra Leone. 

“My first season in Sierra Leone, I played very well,” George recalls. He decided to vacation to nearby Guinea.

But on a boat ride there, a storm threatened to sink the boat. “Fear overtook me,” George remembers. “I had not been taught how to pray; I just said, Lord, if you save me, I’m going to commit the rest of my life to you.”

When the waters calmed, George found a nearby church, prayed with the pastor and committed his life to Christ.  Back in Sierra Leone, he grew in his faith. “Then I felt the Lord calling me back
home,” he says.

Many of his friends advised him to wait because Liberia’s civil war was just ending. “But I had submitted to the Lord,” George says.

He joined a club again, and at one of the matches, a recruiter for Liberia’s national team visited. “My ability to make the team was not of my own power,” George says.

“The competition was high.  But I knew who sent me here, and that He would make sure that His name was glorified.”  Although the season was already half over, George made the national team.

For the next three years, George played for Liberia, using his platform as an athlete to talk about Christ.  He then joined his church full-time and served as an associate staff member with Athletes in Action, the sports ministry of Cru.

He now works with five volunteers and his wife, Nudeh (below, with George), to help athletes understand life with Christ.  “Most people think that if they were born into a Christian family, it automatically means they’re a Christian,” he explains.

“They need to understand how to have a personal relationship with Christ.” Recently, George visited Sierra Leone again with mission teams, using his previous contacts to connect with even
more athletes.