Super Bowl Breakfast Web Broadcast

Use the web rebroadcast of the Super Bowl Breakfast as an easy way to start spiritual conversations with non-Christian friends.

  • by Jonathan Moynihan
Photo by Dave Perlow

Each year, Athletes in Action hosts its Super Bowl Breakfast. Broadcasted from the same city as the Super Bowl, the event also features the presentation of the Bart Starr Award, given to a current NFL player for outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field, and in the community. Previous winners include Kurt Warner, Drew Brees and Jason Witten.

AIA invites you to watch the Super Bowl Breakfast with others as a way of engaging them in conversations about Christ. By using their new Webcasting abilities, AIA offers you and your fellow sports fans a chance to watch the event “on demand."

Using the Super Bowl Breakfast could be a perfect alternative to the half-time show. Use the atmosphere of the big game to gain interest from your family and friends to watch the Breakfast.

Due to its webcast, the NFL will not allow the event to be shown live, but it will be edited and available for viewing soon after.