Lent: 40 Days of Purpose

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By Katie Berglee


There are 40 non-sabbath days until Easter Sunday (Wednesday, Feb. 14 to Thursday, March 29).

The church sets apart Easter to more fully celebrate and remember Jesus' finished work on the cross. Work that conquered our age-old enemy — death.

Sin-filled people throughout time, people like me, celebrate this day because through Christ’s death and resurrection we have been offered hope. A future. Love from a perfect God.

This is what makes Easter Sunday so beautiful.

But I often forget the backstory. I forget what the stakes were to redeem my soul from the pit of darkness I was born into.

This year, in the 40 days leading up to the celebration of Christ's resurrection, I want to be intentional to focus on my need for Him.

I'm asking the Holy Spirit to soften my heart toward Him again. I want to draw my eyes toward the storyline of eternity and my need for an eternal savior.

Will you join me?

Let’s rehearse together how great our need is for Christ. I hope that when Easter comes around this year I will be able to more fully worship Jesus for His love and sacrifice.

I don't know what to expect in the next 40 days, but I know He is faithful to meet those who wish to know and experience Him more fully.

Do you also long to know and experience God more fully this season of Lent?

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