From Campus to the City

Graduation Ceremony of SLM LAC 2020

For the process of going "From the University to the City", Cru Latin America and the Caribbean invites you to the SLM 2020 graduation ceremony. 

We want to thank you, celebrate with you, and send you off to the next stage of your life to continue serving and blessing our cities in LAC as Christ's ambassadors for life.  

If you are a high school or university student and have finished your classes in 2019 and/or 2020, we invite you to register at the following link to be part of the students honored in this ceremony.



100% Sent - Each vocation is a calling from God

Imagine a future where all disciples passing through student-led movements have been equipped, envisioned and sent from the university to the city as Christ’s ambassadors to their spheres of influence to bless and to serve in the different spheres of society. 

With this perspective, the graduating student has a personal sense of being sent by Jesus for His purposes, and is active and intentional in pursuing that purpose with the understanding that each vocation is a calling from God. We prepare students to understand from their very first day on campus, their potential in life as true followers of Christ:  surrendered, committed to proclaiming the Gospel, and making disciples through their leadership, finances, and life experience.


 “Win the university today, change the world tomorrow.”  -Bill Bright

In a practical way, what does this mean?

Consider the variety of areas this vision impacts, as we equip that student in college:

  • Discipleship: How often do you engage your students in intentional conversations about God's purposes for their life and future? How easily are our approaches to evangelism and discipleship implemented in such a way that when they finish their university studies they can continue to do so in any context? How often do you talk to recent graduates about how they are doing after graduation?

 • Recruitment: How do students pursue the call that God has for their lives either with Cru or in any other sphere of society?


• Leadership: Are you having intentional conversations about this vision in your strategic planning process with your team?


 • Integration: Have you created pathways of integration with the different mission-critical components within the organization, local churches, and other alliances to help students to continue to live on mission after graduation? Have we built enough trust so that we can integrate well with a common vision?


Sent Stories:

Karla Cavazos, from Mexico, now a psychologist shares with us that her call has remained the same since she was a student: "Since I met Christ, my purpose in life is to help others to know Him, and make disciples."


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