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How to Satisfy Your Need For Acceptance

“... instead of having [people] accept me for who I was, I tried to change into the person I thought they wanted me to be.”

Take Your Hobby to the Next Level

Apply these helpful suggestions to combine your gift and abilities with serving God.

Rescue the Dying

A classic message from Ron Hutchcraft about our primary purpose.

SLO Meal Packing

One local Cru movement partners with a wide variety of campus organizations to help feed starving children, demonstrating the gospel in a powerful way.

Why Are You Leaving Ministry to the Experts?

A couple learned how to trust God in uncharted territory by leading a Bible study for blind people.

The Mamelodi Initiative

Mamelodi, South Africa had a need. Boston Cru tried to help. The results were incredible.

The Gospel Isn't for My Friends

How do we move beyond insecurities and fears to communicate our most important news with the most important people in our lives?

One Easy Way to Talk About Jesus With Today’s Generation

The Agape movement in Switzerland uses four symbols on a wristband to simply and clearly explain the gospel.

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