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Community 2:8 (Evangelistic Community)

Our incredibly high ratio of exposures to involved new believers has left me longing for our evangelistic approaches to be not only successful, but also effective.

What Can Christians Learn From a Sorority?

What started as an outlet for Ruth to talk about her faith and make friends has actually shown her what Christians can learn from sororities.

Rethinking Men's Time

Practical Ways to Improve Your Next Men’s Time.

Does Jesus Appear in Dreams?

How do you respond to someone who tells you that Jesus literally appeared to them?

What's Your Vision?

Part 1 of living missionally

How God Can Use You

Equipping the church to build movements everywhere.

Contact Form

This is the information we would ask a potential leader to provide so that we can contact them.


We will share resources that will help your vision and efforts as you send students out to win, build, and send others.

Always Keep the End in Mind – Transferring Your Leadership

Here are ways to be intentional to disciple the next leader to take over the ministry.

Discipleship - Start a Ministry

There are multiple ways that you can build into your movement and they are reflected in the resources we will show you.

Evangelism - Resources

We will show you some resources that will help you grow your heart for evangelism and equip yourself and others in communicating the good news of Jesus Christ.

Praying for the Lost

Prayer is a very important tool that opens doors for effective ministry.

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