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Why her parents gave gifts at her funeral

When Rachael and Reid Douglas lost their little girl, they chose to use their pain as a platform for hope.

Looking Forward to Heaven

Learn more about the Christian's ultimate destination.

I Was Afraid to Die

I thought when you died, that was the end of it all. You just cease to exist. That’s where my fear came. I just did not want to stop existing.

Christianity Offers Genuine Hope

Against a pessimistic and fearful backdrop, Jesus Christ offers real hope. He gives mankind the opportunity to become right with God and his fellowman.

What Happens When I Die?

Benjamin Franklin said, "In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." His humorous words remind us of a grave truth: Everyone dies.

Facing the Great Inevitable

A story of facing death and dying with peace

Death as Fertilizer

Seeing where we stop and God's Kingdom begins.

How My Husband's Death Changed the Way I See Easter

A young woman’s perspective on resurrection changed after she suddenly became a widow.

My One Regret at My Father's Funeral

“I wanted my father to shape up, stop drinking and be nice. Then I would love him.”

Her Decision to Die

The news of 29-year-old Brittany Maynard’s death flooded news outlets earlier this month. But did Brittany miss something that others facing suffering find?

Charleston: We Mourn With You

I don’t know how to respond as a white American Christian who is part of the majority culture. I can’t fully understand the pain or the depth of the wounds. But I’m still hurting.

When the World Feels Unsafe

What do you do when tragedy reminds you of the fragile state of this world?

Dear Dad, You Have Grandchildren Now

A Cru staff member’s letter to his deceased father, lamenting the loss and considering the influence on his own parenthood.

How to Lead When Tragedy Strikes

What do you do when people are looking to you to respond to a tragedy? Here are 3 specific things the Cru ministry in Venezuela learned when they experienced loss.

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