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Living Missionally - 5 Things

What does living missionally really mean? As a follower of Jesus you can be His ambassador in more ways than you may think.

Drowning? You May Be Spiritually Discouraged, But You Can Stay Afloat

How to stay afloat during spiritual discouragement.

Trusting God Through Failure

A moviemaker’s tale of how God used failure to bring about greater success.

Made for Something: Part 1

Discovering what you were created for

Made for Something: Part 3

What is most important to you?

Made for Something: Part 2

What is the plot of your life?

5 More Things My Cat Taught Me About God

I’m always so amazed at how much God can teach us through the most ordinary things in our lives. For me lately, it’s been my cat, Boots.

Who Am I? A New Way to Define Identity

In our lives, each of us has an identity being formed and shaped through experiences, relationships, culture, media and the world around us. We seek to define who we are in any way that we can. How would believing the truth about your new identity in Christ change the way you live?

How Do You Measure Your Value?

Finding a lasting sense of value and self-worth is a challenge we all face. Where do you think your value comes from?

5 Things My Cat Taught Me About God

If we have such strong emotions and love for our pets, then we can be sure that they’re just a small shadow of the infinitely greater love that God has for us.

How to Discover Your True Identity

A simple experiment to help you find your true identity.

The 10 Principles of Healthy Living

The importance of taking care of your body along with scriptural principles relating to physical health and suggested ways to improve.

Have You Found Your Purpose in Life?

Are you searching for your life’s purpose? How we each live out our purpose may look different, but our purpose was defined long, long ago.

How Can I Follow My Calling if I’m Not Sure What It Is?

You’re approaching a crossroads moment in your life and don’t know which path is right for you.

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