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“Bible in a Year” Plans Can Work for You

Even working as a writer for a Christian organization, Rebecca found it hard to reconcile the God she saw who was angry in the Old Testament with the loving Jesus in the New. Until a new resource helped her see the Bible as one big story.

Reflections of Hope Bible Study (Leader’s Guide version)

Reflections of Hope contains 8-thought-provoking lessons to help women to discover their real value in Christ. A Bible study inspired by the film “Magdalena: Through Her Eyes."

Jesus Investigative Bible Study

This five week study is designed to help a person understand what the Bible says about Jesus Christ and to come to know Him personally.

My Affair with the Sea Captain

How an emotional affair almost shipwrecked a marriage.

Valuing Quiet Time with the Lord

It's true. And I'm willing to admit it. I quit spending time with God.

4 Tips for Being a Spiritual Mentor

Action points to help you approach evangelism as a mentor. CoJourners will help you connect spiritually with the people and guide them toward a relationship with God. Part 5 out of 5.

Introducing the My Cru Advent Devotional

This Christmas season, use the Advent Devotional on the My Cru platform to connect with the people in your small group and those who you are discipling.

Hope for the Road Marked With Suffering

Whether you are the one experiencing loss or are close to someone who is, join us for this 10-day devotional. We will take a look at what Scripture has to say to us in places of pain as we wrestle with the honest reality of doubts, fears and questions.

The Obedience of Faith

Titus is one of the more neglected books of the New Testament, but it is rich with truth. There are two key observations you should help your disciple discover. They will unlock the treasures of this book.

The Day I Went Missing

After becoming the object of a city-wide search, I realize the spiritual connection in finding something of value that was lost.

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