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Help Yourself and Others Be Assured of Salvation

Assurance of salvation doesn’t depend on how we feel, but on God's unchanging truth.

Getting Started

Getting started in your new relationship with God.

Is money the key to heaven?

Amy Lee always assumed that rich people were more likely to go to heaven. When she learned the truth, it changed her life.

If You Are a Christian ...

What's true of you if you're a follower of Jesus? Learn 5 exciting aspects about your identity.

What If Healing Doesn’t Happen?

Mallory still suffers physically, but she has found three ways to keep hope alive.

How Not to Forget God's Promises

We are easily prone to forget the things God has done in our lives and promised us in Scripture. Here are a few ways to keep remembering.

Just Once

God's love for us doesn't quit just because we are sinners.

The Spiritual Starter Kit

“The Spiritual Starter Kit” is a free 7-part e-mail series covering the most essential and foundational concepts of what it means to walk with Christ.

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