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The Power of Story, Part II

The second half of Dan Allender's powerful Men's Time seminar at CSU 2007.

The Power of Story

Part One of the riveting Men's Time at CSU 2007. With wit and wisdom, Dan Allender communicates timeless truths in a fresh, compelling manner.

3 Reasons Millennials Need to Risk Relationship

Why millennials need to take the time and the risk to move toward deep and meaningful relationships.

What Your Resolutions Really Need

Change in the coming year from a Christian perspective involves prayer, a process, implementation and hard work. Otherwise, a New Year’s resolution is really just an idle dream.

Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences are the things we do to put our faith into action—spiritual disciplines, faith building events, ministry to others and much more.

Remember Your Journey

When you’re feeling discouraged, look back at memories of God’s faithful acts.

A Change of Character

Changing our behavior requires looking below the surface.

How You Can Start Traveling on the Path to Holiness

Learn to navigate the road to holiness.

Revealing the Health of Your Spiritual Heart

Ask these questions of yourself to see where you need spiritual strengthening.

The Significant Woman

Discover more about a unique life coaching discipleship course for women.

A Red Letter Day

Plan a getaway with the Lord.

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