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Rescue the Dying

A classic message from Ron Hutchcraft about our primary purpose.

How Not to Kill a Spiritual Conversation

Avoid conversation pitfalls when talking to others about God.

Tell Your Story: 10 Tips for Sharing Your Testimony With Others

When you tell your story, it’s God who is responsible for changing people’s hearts. You are simply called to be ready and to share what God has done in your life.

Finding Common Ground

Practical principles from Cru's founder Dr. Bill Bright for spreading the profound truth about how to begin a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Sharing your testimony is one of the best ways to find common ground with a non-believer. Your testimony is simply the story of what Christ has done in your life.

4 Tips

Action points to help you approach evangelism as a CoJourner. CoJourners will help you connect spiritually with people and guide them toward a relationship with God. Part 1 out of 5.

Role 2: Introducing the Guide

Learn to approach evangelism as a spiritual journey. As a guide, you will show people the way to Jesus. Part 3 out of 5.

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