Based on the location and length of your trip, there are many things you could do with your time, so we want to help you think through what elements will be the best for you, from watching the included Breakaway videos, to sharing your faith, to just having fun. The guide will walk you through how to think about your trip from beginning to end so that your participants have the best experience possible. 

The article below, “How to build a schedule for your trip,” will help you think through priorities related to your trip’s program. To gain access to the full Program Guide, including a more in depth look at the trainings, talks, and sample schedules, sign up for Breakaway.

So you’ve chosen your destination for your Breakaway trip. Awesome! And now you need to plan the trip schedule. We suggest you start with this question:

What do you hope will be true of your students after taking this trip?

Answering that question first will set the tone and direction for everything else you plan and will help you set objectives for your trip. Next, brainstorm some things you could put in your schedule that would help accomplish your main objective.

The next step is to think about your Breakaway location:

  • How can we bless the location that we are going to?
  • Are there Cru staff (from Campus or Inner City or other ministries) already serving in this location we can talk to about how we can best serve their ministries?
  • What about outside partners? Are there non-profits we can partner with or serve while we are there?

After you’ve thought through the areas above, the rest of your schedule should come together like puzzle pieces.


First, figure out which parts of the schedule aren’t flexible. For instance, if the best day to be on campus sharing your faith is a Monday, put that in your schedule first, and then build the rest of the schedule around that campus day. (Side note: Make sure you watch the Breakaway Training “Evangelism 101” before the campus day.) If you are going overseas and the national staff want to have you over for dinner on a specific day, make sure to prioritize that. Or maybe there’s a partner organization you want to work with, and they only have only one afternoon that will work for you to volunteer.


Once you’ve put the things that can’t move around in first, put in the things that are flexible — things like watching the evangelism training videos, time in prayer or Bible study and community-building activities.


It’s likely that not everything you’ve brainstormed and planned will fit in your schedule. You may have to make some tough choices about what to cut. Ask God for wisdom about what is most important to put in your schedule. Trust that He will work through the things you’ve chosen.


Never underestimate the importance of just having fun together. People bond when they get to laugh and just hang out. While doing evangelism and studying the Bible are important, your students will also be looking to have some fun experiences together and exploring the place you’re visiting. For example, if you are going to a beach town, you’ll want to schedule in some time for students to relax at the beach. If you are visiting a city, you could look up the top 10 best things to do in that city.


Things always change when you are on a trip. As leaders, be open handed with your schedule and adapt your plans as things come up. You can’t always predict stuff like bad weather or traffic delays. So roll with the punches: make a new plan, and see what pleasant surprises or new opportunities might arise in the process.


Ask God to give you wisdom as you plan now for your trip, and that on the trip, you would be able to adapt as circumstances change.

If you need more help planning your schedule, we’ve created an entire Program Guide that can help you think through your schedule for your Breakaway Trip. The Program Guide has sample schedules depending on the length of your stay, and gives you an overview of the Breakaway video content that you can use.