Planning a spring break trip is a big task. Between transportation, housing, and registration, there’s a lot to think about. We want to help you break it down into manageable pieces and give you the resources, tools, and contacts necessary to put it all together. 

The article below will help you begin thinking through the logistics of your trip. For more in-depth help, including easy-to-access resources and tools, sign up for Breakaway to receive the Logistics Guide.

For many people wanting to plan a Breakaway trip, logistics can be the most overwhelming part. To help with this, we’ve created a Logistics Guide that walks you through exactly what you will need to think about when planning your Breakaway trip. Additionally, below we’ve laid out the top five biggest logistical needs of any trip. Think through these categories, and you’ll be well on your way to pulling off a successful trip.


How will students sign up for your trip? You want to know exactly who is coming and each movement is unique so you will need to choose the best sign-up system for your trip. Options range from a hand-written sign up sheet to a google form. But one factor to consider in choosing how to have people sign up is whether or not you need to collect a deposit or payment for the trip ahead of time. If you are collecting payment you may want to consider using Cru’s Event Registration Tool (ERT).


Housing is by far one of the biggest logistical categories to think about. If your team is small enough, you might plan to stay with a family, but with a team of any larger size, housing can be challenging. Hotels are always an option, but your group may also choose to stay at a church or hostel. Some movements have even had students sleep on the floor of a YMCA gym.


How will you and your trip participants get to your Breakaway location? Will students, staff, and volunteers be driving their personal vehicles? Will you need to rent a bus? Will students be flying? Is everyone coming from the same location or multiple locations? If this is an international trip, flights for your group might become the biggest item in your budget.


Food is usually a bit of a logistical challenge. Will everyone pay for their own meals, or will the cost of the trip cover food? If people are paying personally, will there be any meals during the trip that will be covered by the cost of the trip?


All of the categories above combine to make your Breakaway trip budget. Once you have figured out what housing, travel and food will cost, you can make your budget. Try to think if there are any other expenses you might include that don’t fall into these categories[, for example: a trip T-shirt or a gift for people who are hosting you. Once you have accounted for all expenses, you’ll want to build in a bit of a buffer to cover unexpected costs or emergencies.

The Breakaway Logistics Guide will address each of these points in detail. Reach out to Cru staff that you know if you need further help!