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Brand Expression

Cru’s new brand expression has been developed to bring cohesion to every interaction our audiences have on their spiritual journeys with our ministries. When we build brand trust with people, we are investing in our future interactions with them.

The new brand expression maintains the core elements that connect us but provides each ministry the space to be relevant to its audience. The animation below illustrates the essential framework and proportions of our brand. Use it as a guide, not an equation.

White Space Is Key

White space is a core component of Cru’s brand. It helps our visuals stand out and increases readability and comprehension. Design it.

Yellow Is the New Gold

After our logo, the color yellow is our most recognizable brand asset. 

Get Visual

Use visuals as the reflection of your ministry. They are crucial to connecting your audience to the message.

Cru’s brand expression helps us be unmistakably Cru to all audiences. At times, one application may call for extensive use of yellow to stand out, whereas another may dispense with yellow entirely except in the logo. These differences are perfectly acceptable if each application is thoughtfully integrated into the collective brand expression using the brand proportions outlined above and demonstrated in the collection below.