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July/August 2016

Below are just a few of the main features in our upcoming issue. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired in your walk with the Lord.

Cru staff couple Jon and Marisa serve other missionary families adjusting to life in Thailand.  Having experienced burnout years before by trying to prove his worth building a successful ministry, Jon shares, in The Beauty of Burnout, pages 14-25, the invaluable lesson that God values who we are and not what we do. Today, their ministry in Chiang Mai focuses on helping couples understand the importance of prioritizing relationships—with God, their families and with others in ministry.  A sidebar article offers help to missionary kids who are navigating relocation, transition, and identity challenges as they move in and out of different cultures.  

Written by Ross McCall / Photographs by Ted Wilcox

In The Heart of Apologetics, pages 26-29, writer Hayley Newsom recalls a conversation with someone who was initially indifferent toward any talk about God, concluding that apologetics is really a heart issue and not an intellectual battle. When we love someone as Jesus would, it means helping them grow in truth and love over time.  She includes reading resources that help believers witness the truth with greater gentleness and respect.

Written by Hayley Newsom / Illustration by Matt Pamer

Calvin is a former homeless man who graduated from, and now works at Atlanta Mission. In Finding Home, pages 30-36, Calvin relates how the life-transforming power of God—using FamilyLife's 10-lesson series, "Stepping Up"—led him and others to embrace a courageous call to manhood:  to Stand firm, Take initiative, Engage with grace and wisdom, and Plan and provide. His advice to homeless men at Atlanta Mission is to remember that we are all messy, broken people in one way or another. But when we kneel down before we stand up, we can find the hope and strength of Christ to move forward in life. A sidebar article provides helpful thoughts on responding wisely to homeless peoples' needs.

Written by Rich Atkinson / Photographs by Tom Mills

In Seated with Christ, pages 37-39, author Heather Holleman provides a keen look as to what it means to be "seated with Christ" and how that revelation of belonging—being recognized and being secure, are already ours as believers. She also offers a fresh perspective on living out spiritual verbs like adore, access and abide—words that help each of us share a new way of living in community with each other.

Written by Heather Holleman / Illustration by Ashley Walton





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