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March/April 2016

Below are just a few of the main features in our upcoming issue. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired in your walk with the Lord.

In Who is My Neighbor?, the Malović staff family with Fokus (Cru's name in Croatia) take God's call to love their neighbors very seriously. They look diligently for opportunities to practice hospitality at their apartment as well as at their country's border. Valuing community, Hrvoje and Petra Malović actively look for people to live alongside, build relationships with, and then point them to Jesus.
Written by Emilie Vinson / Photographs by Ted Wilcox

Writer Emilie Vinson shares the perplexities in dealing with following Jesus' call to step into others' pain and suffering – with the reality of not feeling adequate to care and share enough. In Overwhelmed, pages 32-35, she relates a touching experience while shadowing a Swiss mother who drove 12 hours through two countries so the woman could deliver 450-600 pounds of bananas daily to a Croatian refugee transit camp. Emilie unwraps the tension many believers can feel between giving everything they can in Christ's love, to feeling overwhelmed by the need, disengaging all together. She includes some practical ideas for how to avoid compassion fatigue.
Written by Emilie Vinson / Illustration by Matt Chase

High School staff member Marcheta Jones leads a thriving movement at Davis High School, in Houston's inner city. Shelter from the Storm, pages 36-43, depicts an inspiring story about how Marcheta mentors a young girl – as well as others at Davis High – helping them find Christ's hope and healing within the trials and challenges of inner-city life.
Written by Rachel Ferchak / Photographs by Guy Gerrard

In The Senses of Easter, pages 44-47, writer Rich Atkinson explains the holiday's real meaning using five ways believers can communicate the gospel message in their homes, their churches, or in their communities – using hear, see, touch, taste and smell – to experience Jesus.
Written by Rich Atkinson / Illustration by Ally Pamer and Ashley Walton





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