Andrea Buczynski

Vice President of Global Leadership Development

Andrea became a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member in 1977 with the Campus Ministry at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Andrea has served in a variety of roles, including associate campus director at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Indiana University. She has also served as associate area director for Indiana and the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan area.

In 1992, Andrea became the staffed campus director for the Great Lakes Region. Then in 1993 Andrea joined the National Campus Office as the national staffed campus director. In 2002 she transitioned to the Global Campus Ministry Team to focus on leadership development and then became the director of global leadership development in 2004.

Andrea was appointed the vice president of Global Leadership Development in 2007. She believes that Campus Crusade's mission to build spiritual movements everywhere increases our need for leaders.

"Leadership development is a strategic necessity and a God-given stewardship responsibility," Andrea said. "I became a Christian through a student who shared the Four Spiritual Laws with me when I was a student. The reality that you can equip everyday people to bring the gospel to their friends, family, and people that God brings across their path is still what drives me."

While Andrea served as the national staffed campus director the number of college students involved in Campus Crusade tripled from 15,000 to 45,000. She has directed training programs for every associate campus director and campus director from 1991 to 2000, giving her the opportunity to train at least 250 of Campus Crusade's leaders.