A Tool For Your Outreach

How to manage names of new people

By Karl Kranich   |  12.June.2013

The Cru movement works hard each year to reach the new students with the gospel. At many campuses, freshmen take spiritual interest surveys on paper cards. The staff members collect hundreds of cards and distribute them to the student leaders so they can answer questions the students have about Jesus and invite them to Cru.

Invariably, cards end up wedged at the bottom of backpacks, lying on the floor behind dressers, or hidden in trunks of cars. The people who filled out those cards remain unknown, their questions unanswered. No one follows up with them.

Enter MissionHub, an online follow-up system co-developed by people across Cru and designed to connect leaders with students who are interested in growing spiritually.

The best part is that you can use this tool as well. Do you want a better way to follow up with people? Is your church having an event where you’ll have lots of new faces? MissionHub could be a great help.

With MissionHub, leaders can see how many times and in what way a person has been contacted. It frees them to focus on getting to know people that haven’t yet had their questions answered. It also prevents the awkward “Yes, I know all about your church/ministry; Susie Q talked to me 3 times about it!” conversations.

A campus ministry leader in New Zealand is already raving about MissionHub: “MissionHub has been awesome! We have over 3000 contacts on Otago campus alone, that is 15% of the campus population in mission Hub. The benefits of the technology are numerous. They will be become more obvious as we head forward. We look forward to seeing people come to Christ. We have had three students make a decision in the last 24 hours already. Pray for us as we follow up students and share the gospel with them.”

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