What is Your Burden?

Find what ministry God might be calling you toward

By Intransition magazine   |  7.June.2013
Girl and globe

There are many needs in the world. Poverty, homelessness, unreached people groups, sex trafficking, broken homes, orphans, church division—the list can go on and on. But where does God want you to focus your limited free time? What area of ministry might He be calling toward?

Use the following questions to discover your unique burden—that thing or cause or people group that God wants you to focus on in ministry. Take some time to consider these questions. Print this page, or save the questions to your phone. Ask God to guide you as you see His direction for your ministry.

After answering a few questions like these, you should begin to see a few patterns emerge. These patterns are important. They are keys to the passions and desires that God has placed in your heart. Don’t rush this process too much. Patterns usually emerge and become clearer over time. How these passions get lived out in your life is part of the adventure of walking with God for a lifetime.

Begin crafting a personal mission statement to gain a clearer vision and purpose for your life.

Adapted from 8 Habits for the Transition.