Living Missionally

Discover God’s will for your next stage of life

By Jeff Grant   |  22 June 2013

You may have heard a phrase bouncing around Christian circles, to “live missionally,” but what does that mean?

People tend to think of missionaries as Christians who go off to exotic places to be martyred in the wild for the sake of Jesus, but the church is working hard now to correct that mistaken belief.

If God has forgiven you and entered your life, two of your primary jobs on earth are:

You are a missionary.

You are sent by God to reach your neighbors, coworkers, family and the world. This 3-minute video shows a little of what it means to live every day “on mission.”

The central plot of life on earth is God’s rescue mission. He is going to win, but the miracle is that He has invited us to be a part of it.

That’s a bold mission, but we don’t even know how to reach our neighborhoods. Even if we agree, how do we get started, stay on track and make a difference? As we look at the lives of those who are really going for it, 6 key elements stand out. Click on each one to see practical steps for how to set that up in your life.

  1. Surrender: Jesus is not just your Savior, but the King of your daily life. Are you willing to go, do, say and give whatever He asks of you, no matter the cost?

  2. Vision: Knowing God will use many Christians to reach the world, don’t try to do everything yourself. Instead, understand the part you need to play and how you fit into God’s rescue mission, which influences even the minor decisions you make each day.

  3. Team: Since the enemy likes to divide and conquer, stay in close fellowship with other “surrendered” followers of Christ who share the same “vision.” Spur each other on, pray, plan and achieve together.

  4. Plan: Though God can use you when you least expect it, He wants you to look before you leap – to see what simple, practical steps it will take to make progress toward the vision He has given you.

  5. Equipping: Guts will only get you so far. You must keep an eye out for tools, contacts, training and resources that will keep you moving forward on the vision. You should always be learning and growing.

  6. Coach: When you think you’ve figured it all out, you’re in trouble. To stay on mission, you must have a teachable heart and share regularly with a mentor, someone who has already been there and speaks wisdom to you and your team.

Are you committed to living missionally? Join the many other Christians “on mission” who are making the pledge today so we can help you make a difference in your community.

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This concept was developed originally for graduating college students by the 100% Sent team.