Halloween: Why Make it One Pitch and Done?

How to use the seasons in concert for better outreach results

By Greg Stoughton   |  16 . October . 2008

With the World Series complete, baseball has been on my mind.  

As part of the game, pitchers employ the set-up pitch. First, they hurl one toward the batter on the inside corner of the plate. Next, a second pitch rips across the outside corner of the plate away from a batter's reach.

In combination, the two pitches often deliver the sought-after third strike.

You ask, what in the world does baseball have to do with Halloween? Maybe more than you might think.

Think Seasonally? View Halloween as Just the Start

The American calendar presents a trilogy of "holidays" with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the heels of Halloween.

Like an effective pitcher using two tosses to achieve his goal, these seasons - if viewed in concert with one another - offer great potential to increase one's evangelistic effectiveness.

Closing Considerations

The "two-pitch" set-up technique that pitchers employ is dependant on an ability to consistently achieve the goal of gaining the sought-after third strike.

Similarly, in using Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in concert with one another, keep before you the ultimate goal of actively participating in God's Great Commission -- communicating the Gospel in the timing and power of God's Holy Spirit as your winsome "pitch."