40 Days of Purpose

Friday, Day 39

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By Katie Berglee

Good Friday.

I wonder what goes through the minds of people in the world who don’t “get” Christianity. I bet they wonder why Christians remember the day Jesus died as “good.”

I hope someone asks me sometime. I don’t know what I would have answered before, but now I would speak honestly about my sin. I would acknowledge that my life is out of whack and I recognize that my sin hurts others and me.

Worst of all, my sin separates me from the one True God who loves me and has a wonderful plan for my life.

Today, Good Friday, is good because God’s Son, Jesus, drank the cup of wrath that my sin birthed. Because of His perfection, He broke the cycle.

Today is good because Jesus willingly died to bring me Hope. He conquered sin. Death has no claim on those who choose to trust Christ alone.

In light of the Lenten season, I have come think of my sin and my Savior in tandem – like pedals on a bike. It is for my good to live in the reality of my sin and even more vital to balance that by focusing on Jesus and His saving love.

Because His death met a deep need of mine.

He is so good.

In the comments below, offer an explanation for why Good Friday is good.

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