Reflections of Hope Bible Study (Leader’s Guide version)

By Rich Atkinson

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What people think:

"This past Monday we discussed Lesson 1.  The women shared about where they are at in their spiritual journey.  The discussion was very fresh and honest.  The fact that God sees, created, knows, and loves them was either brand new news or was super meaningful to them.  These points are simple, but profound.  I definitely felt confirmation that this was the right study to offer at this time." -- Linda in Pa.

"We found this simple-to-use program to be life-changing for our women." -- Jan, Ministry Leader, Orlando, Fla.

"I truly loves this study and think it is an incredible tool for teaching women and bringing women together as sisters under Christ." -- Marcia in Pa.

“Who better than Mary Magdalene to show us the life, death and resurrection of Jesus through a woman’s eyes and heart? A Powerful moving story that will touch women’s hearts around the world.” -- Liz Curtis Higgs, Best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible and Unveiling Mary Magdalene