God's Heart for the Poor Bible Study (DVD)

Here's Life Inner City's Compassion by Command Study

By: Sarah Martin

What is it?

How to use it:

Explore issues of poverty as a church or small group with this DVD-based Bible study. Lessons, dispersed over 7 weeks, include real-life profiles, clips of the film God Bless the Child and discussion questions. Included resources help promotion and preparation as well as following-up with group members after completing the study.

Why to use it:

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What people think:

“Compassion by Command was tremendous. We used it to train our youth to do homeless ministry, and it was very helpful.” Rich Seidler, New Jersey

“Going through Compassion by Command heightened my awareness about the importance of dignity in a poor person’s life. Through the study, I understood better the idea of helping the poor help themselves.” Susie Seel, Colorado