Women's Mentoring Study

Pursue your God-created uniqueness through this life-coaching study with 6 biblical life principles.

  • by Amber Kinneer

What is it?

  • 12 sessions that build community and equip each woman with biblically-based principles.
  • 194-page spiral, hard-bound book.
  • Lessons help you discover your uniqueness, how to grow in your intimate relationship with the Lord, how to integrate who God has created you to be and what His personal mission is for you.
  • Facilitator guide includes participant notes side-by-side with the corresponding facilitator notes, enabling a facilitator to easily guide her group.
  • Created by The Significance Project, a resource of Cru's Women's Resources.

Buy it:

Gather a group of friends, and choose a weekly meeting time. Order participant books for your members and a facilitator guide for yourself.

Why use it:

The life-coaching group and peer/coach relationships contribute to an environment of community and authenticity while encouraging personal application and growth.

What people think:

"It has been a privilege to facilitate the group of women that God brought together -- a pastor's wife, youth director, Christian worker and friend -- and to see their commitment to the group. We all started embracing our uniqueness and living out the personal mission God has given us. It is empowering, God-directed and exciting. We finished the material but we still want to continue to meet for a time to be support for this journey God has us on."
-- Brenda Brown, Kansas

"As a business owner, wife and mother, I have found the life principles in The Significant Woman particularly helpful in growing in self-discipline, integrity and determination. Through this course, I learned transferable principles that I have passed on to others that can help us keep on course with focus and direction. The facilitator guide is clear and easy to use and has allowed me to pass these principles on to others, and their lives have been similarly impacted."
-- Anne Williamson, Texas





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