Start a spiritual dialogue with pictures.

What is it?

  • 50 original photographic images on 4x6 cards
  • 25 business cards for a companion Web site
  • Instructions
  • A carrying case

How to use it:

Show the cards to someone and ask them to answer one to three questions by picking three cards that represent their beliefs or feelings. The thorough yet simple instructions list suggested questions and explain how to naturally transition to the gospel.

Why to use it:

  • Takes five minutes to learn or teach
  • Can be used with a stranger, in a bible study or with a friend
  • Helps you connect with people and emphasizes listening
  • Designed for a post-modern generation but effective with all ages
  •, a companion website, gives another opportunity for participants to explore spiritual issues

Where to get it:

What people think:

"I've done [evangelism] surveys for five years and I've never had strangers willing to share the things they did." Lindsay Koch, from New York City.

"In my opinion, it's the best tool since the Four Spiritual Laws booklet." Demarick Patton, from Omaha, Neb.

"[Soularium] got spiritual conversations started easier than any other tool I've seen." Tricia Dealy from Waco, Texas.