Halloween Ideas for You

  • by Greg Stoughton

There are plenty of ideas on how to use Halloween to build relational bridges with non-believers or to communicate the message of Christ.

Here are a few suggestions for before, during or after the fall event.

Before Halloween

  • Pray
  • What would God have you to do Halloween night? 
  • Involve Your Family
  • Talk about the darker elements
  • Plan and Order
  • The Good News Comic Book

Note: If providing a tract, be extra-generous with your treat. You might even consider taping any material resources to a full-size chocolate bar. It is not the time to be frugal and it is likely that many may come to your door that you do not yet know.

  • Host a pre-Halloween, student-led outreach 
Costume Theme Party and Contest
  • Cru High School

On Halloween Day

  • Distribute resources with plentiful amounts of candy
  • Trick or treat with a non-believer
  • Stage a Trunk or Treat
  • Show a Video
  • Gather names

After the Event

  • Pray
  • Debrief with your family
  • Think Seasonal






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