40 Days of Purpose

Tuesday, Day 24

  • by Katie Berglee
photo by Ted Wilcox

This week we have reflected on the power and prevalence of sin in our lives and the perfection of Jesus.

Today, if you have surrendered your life to Jesus, take some time to think about the love of God that stepped into the cursed mess of your life and redefined you as victorious, as God’s child.

How do you respond to Jesus when He says to you: “Neither do I condemn you.”

Don’t quickly answer and then emotionally or spiritually walk away. Stay with Jesus and talk about a few specific reasons why you are in need of His mercy.

When you have a few concrete things in mind, consider lifting your eyes to our Holy God in prayer and gratitude for the forgiveness He offers.

Maybe a prayer like this will get your conversation with God started.

You see my mess.
You know the depth, complexities and power of sin in my life. Today I recognize that You are stronger than these strongholds, attitudes and lies. You drank the cursed cup my sin deserves. You died in my place.

I worship you today recognizing that You alone are perfect, just, merciful and loving. Help me to love you and love others more – and to more fully understand and appreciate the mercy You show me. Surface sin in my life, Jesus. In darkness, it will only fester and grow, like a tumor undetected or a fungus unseen. Jesus, You are the Light of the world. I find my hope and my freedom in a relationship with You alone.





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